TP-Link WDR6300 Router Settings

The home network only needs one router as an egress gateway to enable home Internet access. The line coming in from the operator is connected to the WAN port of the router. The home computer and other devices that need to access the Internet are connected to the LAN port of the router. The existing operator pppoe broadband dial-up account: hzadmin, password: 12345678, the computer needs to access the Internet, then we need to do What settings?
Step 2: Log in to the router (take TP-Link WDR6300 as an example)
Check the default login address and default password on the label on the back of the router or the manual.
Connect any LAN port of the computer and router with a network cable;
Set the computer to obtain IP automatically, enter into the router login interface in the browser; (If the management address is IP address, you need to manually set the IP address of the same network segment as the management IP, and then browse. Enter the management IP address in the device.
Step 3: Set up the router
After logging in to the router, click [Advanced Settings], enter [WAN Port Settings], select [Broadband Dial-up Internet], enter the broadband account and password, and save to the next step;
Go to [LAN Port Settings], select [Auto] for IP settings, and save to the next step;
Go to [DHCP Server], enable the DHCP function, set the address pool range and gateway IP information, and save it to the next step;
Home routers generally have a wireless transmission function, which can set a password for the wireless. In order to prevent someone from maliciously smashing the network, the password can be changed periodically.